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How A Financial Agreement Could Protect Your Investments

We work hard to to earn, invest and grow our wealth to live a comfortable life and to assist our family in the future. But what happens when your family dynamics change and the wealth you have accumulated for your family - for your children to invest - becomes caught up in a family law dispute?

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Ten Top Actions For The Summer Bushfire Season

Every year Australia experiences a bushfire season during the summer period. As we all know, this has already been catastrophic in NSW and Queensland...and summer hasn't started yet.

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Avoid Pain With Pre-Purchase Research

Like most things, with training and research, buying a property can be an empowering and amazing experience. But, if you make an offer or put your hand up at an auction, without doing your research, you could be creating a whole load of pain for your future.

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How To Use Debt Properly

Contrary to what some people may think, debt can help you build your wealth – especially if the debt is used responsibly with a clear plan and objective.

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Think Renovating, Think Depreciation Deductions

Many renovators don’t realise their choices of fixtures, fittings and materials will ultimately affect the size of their annual tax return. Instead of trying to save money by tackling DIY work, there are smarter ways to increase your result without additional hard labour.

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6 Top Finance Industry Facts

Whether you're looking at increasing your investment portfolio or wanting a better deal on your current mortgage, these finance industry facts could make a big difference.

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