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When you're looking to invest in property, there is a lot of advice and information to search through, but beware...not all of it is true.

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Property Makeovers That Add Instant Value

In a tough market, it is important for your investment property to stand out from the competition and impress potential tenants. We give you some great makeover suggestions to instantly boost value and attract a wider scope of prospective tenants to your property.

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The Issue With Low Cost Start-Ups And Flat Fees

In recent years, the property management industry has seen several start-ups emerge that aim to change commission-based fee structures and service models. But when low cost typically means low service, what does this mean for investors looking for the right property manager?

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Property Deal Breakers For Tenants

Tenants’ expectations are higher today than they were in the past. With increasing competition among landlords to find great tenants, it’s important to make sure your property contains the features tenants are looking for in a home.

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Is Rentvesting Right For You?

Many new buyers are now ‘rentvesting’, especially in the major cities, to maintain their lifestyle while getting on the property ladder. It may seem like a pragmatic approach to getting started however, with a bit of ingenuity and forward-planning, that dream home could be closer than ever.

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Property Inspections: Your Rights And Responsibilities

Property inspections are a key part of renting out your investment property so it’s important that you understand your rights and responsibilities. We take you through the legal elements of property inspections, as well as what we’re looking for in an inspection to keep your property in the best possible condition.

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