Land tax calculator

This calculator will estimate the amount of your land tax liability in NSW and Surcharge if applicable. This calculator does not include calculations for land owned by special trusts or related companies.

Combined taxable land value

Combined land value of residential land

Is the owner of land a foreign person?


Stamp duty calculator

This stamp duty calculator will estimate the amount of stamp duty you need to pay on the purchase of an investment property in NSW.

Combined taxable land value


Investment Property Calculator

This tool forecasts before and after tax cashflow, change in tax paid, future property market value, annual equity gain etc over 30 years based on your assumptions around property purchase price, your taxable income, home loan repayment, and rental expenses. Unlike other property analysis tools this calculator allows you to specify several important growth rates including Capital Growth Rate (%), Rental Growth Rate (%), Rental Outgoings/Expenses Growth Rate (%), and Taxable Income Growth Rate (%) which means the analysis result is more accurate and robust for the long-term projection needed in property investment.

1. Property Information

2. Investors Taxable Income

3. Interest Only Investment Loan

4. Tax Deductible Rental Expenses