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20 June 2018 | Mark Taylor

Case Studies: Strata Schemes

Strata is the most common way of managing apartment or townhouse ownership in Australia. As these case studies show, utilising the services of a professional property manager with knowledge about strata schemes can help when issues arise.

28 March 2018 | Marco Afonso

Case Studies: Securing Good Tenants

The process of securing the best tenant for your investment property is paramount for maintaining your property and peace of mind. As these case studies show, engaging the services of a professional property manager to identify good tenants can provide a great rental experience for both landlords and tenants.

21 February 2018 | Mark Taylor

Who Lives In Sydney's Eastern Suburbs?

With beautiful beaches and great amenities, it’s no wonder Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs are a popular location for young singles, growing families, professionals and older residents alike. Read on for a snapshot of the Eastern Suburbs population and rental market.