Jenny Anasco

Leasing Specialist

Jenny has found her passion in assisting tenants find the perfect property. She genuinely cares about all the tenants she looks after and is diligent about contacting every single person who has enquired about properties we manage. She enjoys going the extra step to achieve great outcomes for both landlords and tenants in her role as Leasing Specialist at Taylors.

Jenny enjoys the real estate industry because it is fresh and exciting, with something new to encounter every day – whether it be a new property or meeting new people. She believes the key to success in this industry is not just the buying, selling and managing of property but relationship management to build a strong foundation that ensures retention of customers and business growth.

Coupled with her enthusiasm and bright personality, Jenny's skills and work ethic have seen her establish and maintain positive relationships with the Taylors customers she deals with. She remains true to herself and genuinely goes above and beyond to help tenants as much as she can. Jenny admires the amount of care and respect the team has for all whom they work with, from landlords to tenants to tradespeople. It is very much in line with her values, making Jenny a natural addition to the Taylors team. Jenny enjoys working in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs because it is where she has lived all her life a real local. Her familiarity with the area means that when she speaks with prospective tenants, she can give them an honest opinion and recommendations based on her personal experience.

When not helping tenants find their perfect home, Jenny enjoys the outdoors and socialising with family and friends.

When we arrived in Sydney we were made aware of the competitiveness and frustrations of the rental property market. We experienced this for ourselves first hand. When we met Jenny Anasco from Taylor’s Property Management at a viewing we were blown away by her caring and attentive nature. We chatted with her and she took on a personal ambition to get us sorted in a property, an attitude that was completely alien to us amongst most other property agencies. We thank her thoroughly for her help and highly recommended those searching for a property in Sydney to get in contact with her and Taylor’s property management. Wednesday 15th November 2023 Fauve Daly 

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