Why Communication Is Key To Making Landlords And Tenants Happy

Why Communication Is Key To Making Landlords And Tenants Happy

Mark Taylor,

A lack of communication is a common complaint both landlords and tenants make about their property managers. But it doesn't have to be this way. We look at why that’s the case and what your property manager should be doing to keep you in the loop.

Property managers sit at the heart of the landlord/tenant relationship. If they communicate effectively they can keep that relationship strong and add huge value to the tenant’s quality of life and the landlord’s investment. We look at how that should happen in practice. 

Getting Communication Right

Whether a tenant has a leaky tap or a broken window, the one thing they want from the property manager above all else is a rapid response. In today's age of social media and our propensity to be ‘always on’, speed in communication is more important than it has ever been.

Landlords however, are usually different. Their relationship with the property is less immediate and, in a sense, more holistic. They don’t always wanted to be bothered by every small detail about a place the moment it happens - especially when it happens at four in the morning. More than immediacy, it’s regularity of communication that’s vital. That means a good property manager should always have set up a system for establishing when and how a landlord is kept up to date. 

The key here is consistency. It builds dependability, which promotes trust. 

The Importance Of Making It Personal

Not everyone likes to communicate the same way. Some people prefer to receive emails over calls, while others choose SMS. A good property manager will get to understand how someone likes to be communicated with and will tailor the way a message is delivered.

For landlords, irrelevant communication ranks almost as highly as a lack of communication in the list of annoyances. Landlords are often busy people, so if you annoy them with trivialities, they’ll quickly switch off. That means they may miss something important when it comes up. 

Open And Honest Communication

More than anything, property managers should always be open and honest. Nobody likes being kept in the dark and it is important for people to know where they stand. Tenants and landlords are no different in that respect.

That said, I always believe a good property manager is assertive and direct without ever being rude. Property managers should never be ‘yes’ people - a landlord is paying for their experience and expertise, not just their time. 

Professionalism is paramount at all times. No matter how tired or time poor a property manager is, they must never respond with impatience or demonstrate annoyance. Body language is important as well. A property manager who makes regular eye contact, smiles and demonstrates they are listening is always better than one who’s brusque, distant or unapproachable. 

A Final Tip

At Taylors, we value open communication and sharing knowledge with others. We are conscious of speaking professionally and responsibly at all times and conducting all business with the highest degree of honesty and fairness. We know that landlords and tenants will listen, especially if their property manager is speaking honestly and talking sense. 

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