What Does A Property Manager Do?

Mark Taylor , Principal/Licensee in Charge | 20 March 2019

A lot of people have dealt with property managers either as a renter or a landlord, but not everyone truly understands the role and the value a great property manager can bring. Here’s what to expect from Taylors Property Management, and how we may be jus

Many people have had experience with property managers in some capacity, whether as a tenant or an investor. But that’s not to say that everyone understands the role of a property manager - especially for landlords who are newer to the investment scene.

Let’s take a look at the essential responsibilities of property managers, the extra ways they should add extra value and what sets Taylors apart. 

What Does A Property Manager Do? 

If you distilled a property manager’s job description down into a sentence or two, it’d say that they manage all aspects of a tenancy on behalf of a landlord. This job description includes key tasks that every property manager must do, which are usually the tasks that most people are aware of.

For example:

  • Marketing the property for rent, including listing it on popular websites or in other advertising channels
  • Arranging open for inspections to find new tenants 
  • Collecting tenancy applications and facilitating the process of selecting a tenant with the landlord
  • Collecting the bond and rent payments, including following up on late payments 
  • Conducting regular inspections to check the property’s condition 
  • Keeping up-to-date with safety inspections, such as smoke alarms 
  • Arranging repairs for maintenance issues

However, at Taylors, we know this bare-minimum approach isn’t enough when it comes to protecting your asset, or getting the most from it financially. Professional property managers who care about your investment know that their role should actually be much broader. If your property manager is only carrying out the jobs listed above, you may want to think about finding yourself a new one. 

How Can A Property Manager Add Extra Value? 

With years of experience comes a wealth of knowledge, meaning experienced property managers actually fulfil roles that are fuller and more varied than you might expect. And it’s not all just about managing the tenancy directly – property managers can advise on practically everything relating to your property. 

Your property manager should:

  • Identify ways to increase your property’s value, such as with smart renovations 
  • Be an expert on the market and advise on rent price changes accordingly
  • Know your property inside and out, suggesting maintenance before any small issue becomes a much bigger repair job
  • Fully understand and communicate all legislation for things like windows, blinds and pool fencing 
  • Understand the details of your strata scheme and the rules of the owners’ corporation
  • Be across the servicing of gas appliances 
  • Provide advice on areas such as sales and insurance if requested
  • Refer you to high-quality professionals, such as mortgage brokers, financial advisers, insurers, tradespeople and more 
  • Work with you to help you build wealth through your property portfolio

What Sets The Taylors Team Apart From Other Property Managers? 

As we’re solely a property management company, you can be sure that our full attention and knowledge is devoted to your investment property. We focus on providing a complete and comprehensive property management solution that helps our clients build wealth, as well as removing any stress from the process. 

Combined, our team has an astounding 149 years of professional experience, with each individual Client Relationship Specialist working in the field for at least 10 years. Every team member cares about making a difference in the lives of our clients, as well as for the tenants who call the properties home. 

We have five core values that sum up our approach: 

1. Professionalism. We strongly believe in providing a premier service and working with clients, tenants, tradespeople and neighbours in a professional way. 

2. Communication. We know that openness and transparency is essential for great relationships and we’re proud of the way we communicate with everyone we work with.  

3. Integrity. We’re not one of those companies that will take advantage or skip over the fine print. We’re honest and fair, so you always know where you stand. 

4. Proactiveness. We take control and make things happen, whether it’s identifying ways to add value or getting a head start on repairs.

5. Passion. We truly love what we do and we always want to be better.  

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