The Value Of Building Good Relationships With Reliable Tradespeople

The Value Of Building Good Relationships With Reliable Tradespeople

Mark Taylor,

Maintenance requests are one of the key responsibilities for landlords so reliable tradespeople are a must. We take a look at why it’s important to build good relationships with tradies and how to go about it.

Maintaining your property well not only protects your investment but it is a great opportunity to build good relationships with tenants, so any issues should be dealt with quickly and effectively. But what happens if you don’t have a reliable tradesperson to call on when you need something done?

Importance For Landlords And Property Managers To Find A Good Tradesperson

Asking for repairs is one of the main concerns tenants have when living in rental properties, with 1 in 7 reporting they’re afraid they’ll be evicted if they request maintenance. Building trust and transparency through good communication helps ease this process for all involved, as well as increasing the chances the tenant will stay in the property long-term. 

But when it comes to completing the maintenance, landlords and property managers rely on the tradespeople they work with to follow the same high standards, or they risk damaging their relationship with the tenant. If a tradesperson arrives late, is rude to the tenant or doesn’t complete the job properly, it can be a source of great frustration for everyone involved. 

Reliable and professional tradespeople are worth their weight in gold, with many landlords and property managers keeping them at the top of mind for any jobs that arise. 

Protecting The Value Of The Property With Quality Tradespeople

As well as safeguarding tenant relationships, timely maintenance is also essential in protecting the value of the property. Landlords need to know they can rely on a high quality of work at all times, from a proactive tradesperson who is looking out for any issues that have the potential to be costly in the future. Working with the same reliable professional every time helps ease the minds of landlords who want the best for their investments.

How To Find A Good Tradesperson For Your Investment Property

There are many excellent tradespeople you can call on, but how do you know when you’ve found one you can trust? The first step in finding a good tradesperson for your investment property is looking for reviews and asking for recommendations from family, friends or your property manager. Getting personal recommendations and asking questions can be invaluable in finding a tradesperson you can rely on.

Here are some things to expect from a reliable professional: 

  • They will be happy to provide references from past clients 
  • They will be able to show proof of their relevant insurance and licensing
  • They will arrive on time or let you know if they will be late
  • They will be transparent about costs and what’s required for the job

If you’d like to confirm their credentials yourself, you can also look on websites such as Licensed Trades to check their licensing. 

How To Build A Good Relationship With Tradespeople 

Working with tradespeople is a two-way street, so your professionalism and courtesy is just as important as theirs when it comes to building a good relationship. Some things you can do for a positive ongoing relationship include:

  • Respecting their time by planning ahead for repairs when possible, instead of expecting a short turnaround
  • Paying a fair rate for services within the agreed timeframe
  • Providing as much information as you can about what you want in a detailed brief, to avoid wasted time or resources
  • Being open about your expectations, especially if they’re working on a longer-term job for you
  • Getting your tenant’s permission for the tradespeople to use the bathroom and kitchen at the property, instead of expecting them to use public facilities nearby

Need To Find A Reliable Tradie?

A good Client Relationship Specialist has a contact book full of quality trades. If you’re looking for a tradesperson you can trust or advice on how to manage the relationship, contact our team of specialists today. 

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