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Renovation Trends For 2019

Mark Taylor , Principal/Licensee in Charge | 9 January 2019

As the New Year kicks in many investors and landlords look for ways to smarten up their investment property. If you want to bring your property into 2019, here are some renovation trends predicted to be big this year.

In a tightening property market, owners and investors will be looking to make their properties stand out on a budget. We look at five trends forecasters predict will be hot in 2019. 

1. Go Greener

With ever-growing concern about climate change, eco-friendly updates are more popular – and essential – than ever before. From filling your property with lots of indoor plants to installing solar panels, incorporating better recycling solutions, and using renewable materials in construction, environmental impact should be at the forefront in any renovation plans. Sustainable and natural fabrics (over synthetics) are also very popular if you’re thinking of new furnishings, carpet or curtains. 

2. White Is Out, Grey And Matte Black Are In 

According to the experts, all-white walls have had their time. For neutral palettes, shades like soft clay, mushroom, dove gray and pewter will be big. You can also expect to see a lot of matte black everywhere – from kitchens to bathrooms – as the trend makes its way from fashion and beauty into homewares and interiors. Other colours tipped to make an impact: hazelnut, muted pastels such as apricot and lilac shades, lots of gold and dark green. 

3. Art Deco Revival

Mid Century Modern has been the major trend in interior design for some time but it looks like another period is headed for the spotlight. Trend forecasters predict that Art Déco will be the Next Big Thing, with its glamourous, opulent detailing being seen in furniture, lighting, architectural design and homewares. It’s beautiful, glamorous and timeless. You can get the look in big ways, such as statement furniture pieces and oversized chandeliers or through small touches like animal prints, geometric patterns, antique tapware and Art Déco mirrors. This trend should fit well with the Art Deco era of many Eastern Suburbs homes and apartments.

4. Healthier Kitchens

Wellness continues to be a huge trend in how people want to eat and live, so it’s no surprise that healthy living is having a huge impact on kitchen design. In practice, the ‘wellness kitchen’ concept means things like super-hygienic materials, transparent cabinets that showcase chilled, fresh ingredients, and refrigerators and pantries optimised for fresh food storage with built-in temperature and humidity controls. 

5. Restful Bathrooms

Perhaps it’s the ever-growing popularity of spa facilities that has come with the wellness boom, but bathrooms continue to move from practical spaces to a place to rest and revive. Calming environments are being created through the use of soft furnishings and upholstery, noise reducing glass, muted neutral shades, spa-like statement basins and bathtubs and wood accents. Simple styling touches for photos or opens like potted plants, scented candles, essential oils, stacks of fluffy towels and relaxing music can all help make your bathroom feel like a welcoming space. 

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