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Mark Taylor , Principal/Licensee in Charge | 17 June 2024

We are writing to inform you about mould and how to help combat the growth during the winter months.

Dear Valued Residents,

We are writing to inform you about mould and how to help combat the growth during the winter months.

Causes of Mould Growth:

During inspections, we often find that mould is caused by factors other than leaks or water ingress. The following activities contribute to mould growth within apartments and houses:

- Using clothes dryers

- Cooking and using kettles

- Bathing/showering

- Improper ventilation and using heaters

- Indoor plants like ferns

- Fish tanks

- Leaking taps & pipes

Please note that condensation is different from dampness. Condensation occurs when a room or apartment is not properly ventilated, leading to mould growth, especially during winter.

Tips to Prevent Mould:

Due to the extreme rainfall since the start of the year, windows and doors have been closed, limiting proper air circulation. To combat mould growth, please follow these steps:

1. Open Blinds and Windows:

- Let in sunlight; mould thrives in darkness.

- Open windows and use exhaust fans during and after cooking or bathing to improve air circulation.

2. Use Exhaust Fans:

- Run the bathroom exhaust fan during and for at least 10 minutes after showering or bathing.

- Ensure the bathroom door is closed to enhance exhaust fan performance and prevent the spread of wet air.

3. Ventilate When Using Clothes Dryers:

- Open the nearest window and use a fan to expel moisture-laden air.

4. Keep Windows Open During the Day:

- Even a small opening helps with air circulation. This is especially important if a heater has been running in the evening.

5. Manage Air Circulation During Rain:

- Use your air conditioner or fan in air mode if windows cannot be opened due to rain.

6. Invest in a Dehumidifier:

- Consider using a dehumidifier during cooler months if your apartment lacks sunlight.

7. Keep Wardrobe Doors Open During the Day:

- This can help with air circulation to prevent mould growth on clothing/shoes.

- Use Moisture Absorber Buckets/Hangers in closed cupboards to assist in removing humidity build up.

8. Remove/Clean off Mould as soon as it Appears:

- Once you see mould appear, it is best to clean/remove it immediately to prevent it from growing and getting worse

- Suggested Natural way for removal:

- Add 15 drops of Oil of Cloves into a spray bottle and spray onto the mouldy areas and leave for 24 hours. Then spray straight White Vinegar from a spray bottle onto the mouldy area and wipe off for a clean mould free area

By making these easy adjustments, you can significantly reduce the risk of mould growth and maintain a healthy living environment during the winter.

Thank you for your cooperation and If you have any other mould concerns, please contact your Client Relationship Specialist at Taylors.

Kind Regards

Mark Taylor 

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