How Tenants Can Make Their Rental Applications Stand Out

Mark Taylor , Principal/Licensee in Charge | 29 May 2019

Eastern Suburbs rentals can attract a lot of interest, so it’s important for prospective tenants to stand out from the crowd. Here’s how to make your rental application stand out so you can secure your dream rental.

On any Saturday morning in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, it’s common to see long lines of hopeful tenants waiting for their chance to inspect one of the in-demand properties up for rent. But only one of the applications can be successful, so standing out from the crowd is essential. 

Here’s how tenants can make their rental application stand out to secure their dream rental. 

1. Prepare Your Rental Application In Advance

When you’re up against so many other prospective tenants, it pays to be prepared. In many cases, if you wait a couple of days to submit your application, the property will already have been rented to someone who got their application in immediately after the inspection. 

To maximise your chances of success and show that you’re serious about the property, we suggest completing your application in advance, so you can submit it as soon as you leave the inspection if you really liked the property. It’s a good idea to set up applications on online systems like, as different property management agencies will often only accept online applications. For example, at Taylors, we only take applications via 

2. Make Sure Your Application Is Complete

It may seem obvious, but you also need to make sure your application is complete when you send it through – nothing looks worse than an incomplete application. Fill in all the fields of the application form and have all your supporting documents ready to go, including 100 points of ID, written references, bank statements, payslips and past bills.

No property manager wants to chase someone for additional documentation, plus it can raise red flags about what you might be hiding if you choose to leave something out - even if its an accident. If you really can’t get everything together in time, you should let the leasing agent know when you’ll send it to them. 

3. Personalise Your Application 

Providing all the essential information is technically sufficient, but your application will really stand out if you go the extra mile to personalise it. Include a cover letter to explain your situation, why you chose to apply for this particular property and why you are the right fit for the rental. This gives the property manager and the landlord some insight into the person who’ll be living in the property, as well as showing your commitment to this rental in particular.  

4. Submit A Pet Profile 

If you have a pet, provide as much information as possible about them as an attachment to your application, to help the landlord feel more comfortable with a pet living in their property. This includes: 

  • A photo of your pet
  • Information on their age, breed, temperament and if they are an indoor or outdoor pet
  • Registration details
  • A pet CV or references from a previous landlord if you have them 

5. Make A Good Impression At The Inspection

You might not have submitted an application yet, but the property manager or leasing consultant will already be pre-screening you at the inspection. It’s the first chance they have to meet you in person and evaluate how organised and reliable you may be. To make a good impression, arrive on time, communicate professionally and have all of your documents ready.

6. Take Each Application Seriously 

It’s normal to apply for more than one property, but you should avoid submitting applications for rentals that you’re not serious about. If you’re offered a property that you then turn down because you’re not interested, you’ll waste the time of a property manager who may be the leasing agent for another property you really want later on. Only apply if you’d really be committed to the property if it was offered to you. 

7. How To Apply For Properties If You’ve Never Rented Before

If you’re trying to find your first rental home, don’t be put off by the rental histories of other applicants – everyone has to start somewhere. You can explain your situation in a personal cover letter, offer to pay three or six months in advance, or provide other information like a council rates notice if you’re a homeowner. There’s always a creative way to stand out. 

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