Property Advertising And Marketing: How To Get It Right

Property Advertising And Marketing: How To Get It Right

Mark Taylor,

The red carpet treatment given to the marketing and advertising of a property up for sale doesn’t usually extend to a property that’s up for rent. However, in a competitive market, it is even more critical to get it right and put your property ahead of the game.

Once you have prepared your property to impress potential tenants, the marketing and advertising of it for rent is just as important as if you were marketing and advertising it for sale. Quality marketing ensures you will find quality tenants and get the best possible rent for your property.

Here’s what to focus on when advertising your investment property. 

Advertise With Professional Photos And Copy

If you’ve ever looked for a rental property, you’ll know that high-quality photography, well-described features and images of floor plans can be make-or-break when deciding whether or not to attend an inspection on a busy Saturday. 

When potential tenants are shortlisting properties to inspect, you might only have a few seconds to get their attention. We strongly advise our landlords to invest in professional photos. Not only will they show your property at its best, but quality photos will also give you an edge on the competition.

Make sure you get a variety of photos that showcase your property. Include at least the living room, master bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and outside photo of the building. And unless the property undergoes major changes, you can re-use these professional photos to get a good return on the initial outlay.

Professional copywriting is also a must to make sure you present the best version of your property, with accurate descriptions of the home and its key features and no grammatical mistakes. 

Using Signage To Advertise Your Rental

Once you have the photography and copy sorted, they can be used on signage and printed collateral. Some property managers underestimate the value this can add to finding tenants, but it’s key in drawing attention to the home and encouraging nearby residents to consider moving to your property. It can also be great for word-of-mouth from passersby, who may not be actively seeking a new home themselves but can let interested friends and family know.

Where And How To Advertise To Get The Best Outcome

Experienced property managers know the importance of selecting the right channel to advertise your property. While online property sites are more popular and generally bring higher ROI, your property manager might recommend a mix of channels to maximise reach. This might include: 

  • Real estate website listings 
  • Agency database emails
  • Agency ‘Just Listed’ flyers

We recommend using premium advertising placements on popular real estate websites to increase the likelihood potential tenants will see your property when they’re searching. This is a higher investment, but brings great results for the day of the inspection. 

When To Hold Open Inspections

The investment in marketing all culminates at the open inspections, where all prospective tenants will come to see the benefits of the property in person following the advertising they’ve seen. 

Good property managers will choose the best day and time for the inspection to maximise the number of tenants through the door, with Saturdays being the most popular day for open inspections. Inspections by appointment during the week also provide more options for tenants to view your property. 

Like Some Help With Your Campaign?

Many of our clients are currently experiencing the benefit of investing in a strategic property marketing campaign. To find out more about how Taylors can help get the best outcome for your investment property, contact our team of specialists today.

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