Samara Sanchez

Client Relationship Specialist

Samara brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Taylors, gained from nearly two decades in the industry. She shares our passion for property management and enjoys delivering a premier service that consistently delivers above and beyond expectations.

Samara always strives to be a proactive and empathetic Client Relationship Specialist. Whether she is speaking with our landlords or tenants, Samara maintains a solution-focused approach, with the aim of turning challenging situations into positive ones. In addition to her extensive property management experience, Samara has also been both an investor and tenant, giving her a holistic approach towards conducting all business with the highest degree of honesty and fairness. 

Samara believes that what makes a great agent is keeping up-to-date with all that is going on and taking the time to understand her clients’ perspective. Since joining Taylors in September 2020, Samara has been diligent in taking the time to undertake her role professionally, complimenting the enthusiasm and passion she has for the industry.

In addition to enjoying the open-minded and team-oriented culture at Taylors, Samara likes the diversity of the role and strives to make a difference every day. She also enjoys meeting new people from all walks of life and genuinely helping them. 

Having lived in the Eastern Suburbs her whole life, Samara loves everything about this iconic part of Sydney, from the beaches and cosmopolitan centres and eccentric characters to the executives. When not working in the area she describes as part of her DNA, Samara enjoys the time spent with her family, particularly the adventures they share, as well as photography, art and discovering new cafes.