Case Studies: Good Relationships With Tradies

Case Studies: Good Relationships With Tradies

Mark Taylor,

Maintaining your investment property is one of the key responsibilities for landlords and property managers. As these case studies show, developing good relationships with quality tradespeople protects your investment property and the relationship with your tenant.

As our Taylors Insight: Why It's Important To Have A Good Relationship With Tradies demonstrates, engaging the services reliable, licenced tradespeople to complete repairs and maintenance works in a timely manner not only protects the value of your property but safeguards the relationship with your tenants.

The following two case studies exemplify the importance of your property manager ensuring they have tradespeople they can trust when repairs are needed. 

Case Study 1

When a new tenant moved into a property in Petersham that Client Relationship Specialist, Jody O’Brien was managing, there were a couple of minor repairs that needed to be fixed. Although a thorough property condition report had been completed prior to the tenant moving in, the tenant noted a cupboard shelf needed more support to be useable, a flyscreen needed replacing and a new door knob installed.

Although only minor, Jody wanted the tenant’s first experience with Taylors to be a positive one. As soon as she received an email from the tenant, she responded to him the same day to put his mind at ease.

As Jody had been managing the block of units for over ten years, she had established a great relationship with the landlord and had pre-approval to give work orders directly to her builder. Jody could therefore contact the builder straight away, give him a detailed brief, gain the tenant’s permission for him to enter the property and have the repairs completed within a few days.

Subsequently, Jody’s relationship with her valued tenant has remained strong and he has continued to live in the property beyond the initial twelve month lease. It could have been a very different story if the tradesperson had arrived late, was rude to the tenant, had not completed the repairs properly or took too long to get the job done.

Case Study 2

A good Client Relationship Specialist like Jody O’Brien has a contact book full of quality tradespeople who can be relied on, ranging from handymen and locksmiths through to plumbers and electricians. As Jody has properties she has been managing for long periods of time, various maintenance issues can arise that rely on tradespeople with different expertise. 

In addition to relying on tenants to advise when repairs are needed, regular and comprehensive routine inspections give Client Relationships Specialists, like Jody, the opportunity to check for minor issues that have the potential to be costly in the future and to have a discussion with tenant about any maintenance concerns they have.  Furthermore, landlords who are actively involved with the strata also can help with getting agreement on repairs and maintenance issues for common areas that could have a negative impact on their tenant’s rental experience.

It was a combination of all the above and a willingness by Jody and the landlord to complete maintenance requests efficiently that has seen minor electrical, plumbing and handyman works for the apartment completed, a communal clothesline and reinstatement of regular gardening taken place on the common grounds and a rent reduction offered to the tenants when major works were required during a 2 to 3 week period.

Jody kept the landlord happy by securing a great price through her tradespeople network and the tenants happy by getting the works done and communicating openly and honestly. Consequently, the landlord continues to trust Jody with the management of her property and the tenants renewed their lease for an additional 12 months at the end of their original lease term.

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